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How To Market Your Mobile Application

It is clear that app market is a competitive market where against more than 14000 apps are competing with each other. They key point for success is the uniqueness of your app. So how do you make sure your app gets attention from users? How do you get them to buy it and show it to their friends.

1.  Be unique 

It is well known fact that originality is always a virtue in order to be successful in apps market. The app needs to have a unique feature which differentiates the product from other apps in the market. Therefore you need to do one of those,

  1. Be the first developer to come out with your type
  2. Present an existing category of app in a unique way

Being a first developer who come out with unique type is hard nowadays due to existance of many apps in the market. Neverthless, second option could be safer for your app to present in a different way. Studying existing app category and adding new features on to your apps will attract your customers easily.

2. Spin the existing category and make it different from others

Unless you are having a revolutionary app which creates new category in app market, it is important to present your app with additional features which helps you to differentiate it in the market. So with a little bit effort and re-imagination of existing app category for your apps could help you to understand where your app stands in the market. Therefore, you will notice what is missing on your product and what kind of features will bring uniqueness to your product.

A unique feature will make your app stand a head in the crowd that what you are looking for if you intend to see your product on app store.

3.  Be Tweetable, Be likable and Be Watchable

Let people Tweet, Let people like or let people watch your products. If reputation is the key point of attracting customers for your app so get in to social media in order to drive sales for your app. It is clear that the more people talk about your product the more reputation you get.

People will talk about your product uniqueness but how do you encourage people to talk about your product?